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 New classes and maps

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New classes and maps  Empty
PostSubject: New classes and maps    New classes and maps  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 3:52 am

Hello it is me, BenAndNick.

This time, I am not asking for an unban. I am telling you about some classes me and my friend thought of for CTF. We are also currently building 2 maps that we hope you will like and put in the game. It would be really nice and satisfying if you put these classes and maps in the game. Here are the classes: Wizard, which shoots fireballs if they right click with their stone sword, water blocks from their iron sword, and lightning from their diamond sword. They also have leather armour, 4 steak and a compass. BeastMaster, which is basically an upgrade of the Necro class. BeastMasters can spawn hostile mobs to fight for their team. They also have iron armour, an iron sword and 3 steak and a compass. Horsemen are players riding sheep. They can also control the sheep. These are 2 optional features you may want to add to the Horseman class; the sheep wears a helmet (LOL) and can shoot arrows from dual turrets attached to its sides. Horsemen also have leather armour and iron swords. They also have 4 steak and a compass. And last but not least, Spy. Spies are kind of like Ninjas, because they are swift and agile. They can jump 2 blocks high and they don't take fall damage. They have iron swords and 5 steak. They have splash potions of harming and poison, and a bow that is enchanted with power V and 2 stacks of arrows. They have leather boots, leggings and chestplate, but no helmet. They also have 1 potion of speed.

Those are all the new classes we thought of, and it would be really awesome if you put them in as premium classes and gave us credit. Btw my friend's name is Tyler(It would also be really awesome if you gave us the classes for free Very Happy our MC names are pwegosdad, flashboy9 and tysavage). The 2 new maps will be coming in a few weeks. The one that I'm building is a medieval village and my friend Tyler is building a jungle treetop village map.

Sincerely, BenAndNick.
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New classes and maps
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